Tonia Prestupa

Tonia Interiors is a lifestyle design consultancy known for creating personalized interiors that are timeless and elegant and that soulfully curate exquisitely tailored furnishings, antiques and objects d’arts with global hand crafted artisan materials. The team is passionate about working closely with clients to uncover and embrace their individual stories and rituals and turn that into a sanctuary of home that elevates their spirit and authentically represents them. The process is a fun and ongoing collaboration between client and designer sharing the fascinating journey of discovery and creation which can begin with the client’s architect from the ground up or focus exclusively on the interior. The result is a haven that is nourishing to those who live in the space and offers a point of departure so they can then go out into the world and be their best. 

Over the 20 years since founded, Tonia Interiors has designed an array of distinctive projects throughout the country, including elegant urban residences, casual weekend retreats, noted residential developments, and innovative Santa Fe homes. Some of the recent publications featuring the team's work include Trend Magazine, Dream Homes International, and the Home and Garden TV network. 

The team looks forward to hearing about your dreams for your project and working together to help make that vision reality.